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A Little Town in the South called Narooma

Narooma is on the far south coast of New South Wales. This town is said to be derived from the Aboriginal word meaning ‘clear blue waters’. It was regarded as a tourist destination from the early twentieth century. They are renowned for their local oyster industry, which was established around the 1900s. 

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Travelling south from Sydney to Narooma is a lovely scenic drive along the Princes Highway. Whilst travelling down the Princes Highway, you encounter many different towns like Wollongong, Berry, Nowra, Ulladulla, Moruya, and Bodalla. These towns have their own unique aspects about them, such as Bodalla being where cheese is made, which their locals are proud to show. The drive along the Princes Highway’s luscious green environment is rich with diversity, with the ability to see birds flying around and maybe a kangaroo jumping along the forest edge. This makes it a peaceful and beautiful drive listening to nature’s voice.

The town is full of community life on the coast, south of Sydney. At the Wagonga Inlet, you can find seals stealing your attention away from the view of the ocean. If you don’t feel like observing the seals, you can go to the beach or play golf on the local course. This small town also has a plethora of amazing four-wheel driving tracks to run amuck. 

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After the bushfires came rolling in, it was sad to see that such a beautiful place had been destroyed. The peacefulness and calmness were still there, but the greenery and the animals that made the forest special and unique was gone. In time, the joy that it brings to drive through a forest will be restored once again. 

Despite the community going through tough times during 2020, the community pulled together to help everyone out. During the Christmas period, some of the community members decorated their houses and you could walk through their yards and the owners would interact with the people who came to see their decorated houses. One house decorated their house with Christmas lights had a karaoke machine going with an ice cream and coffee van out the front of their house. 

Whilst my time in Narooma was short, I really enjoyed the time I spent there experiencing the community’s generosity, the wonderful food they freshly prepared, and the wonderful beaches. 

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