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Nobody knows the highest waterfall in the Dominican Republic

It is hard to believe that there are still certain landmarks in our globalized and connected world which are simply not known. One of these examples is the highest waterfall in the Dominican Republic, Salto de la Jalda, sometimes also considered to be the highest waterfall in the Caribbean. Just a few people have visited this impressive waterfall and it is only known since the beginning of the last decade. When I initially visited it in 2016, I wrote one of the first reviews and blog posts about this hidden gem on the entire internet. Its proximity to the billion-dollar tourism industry of Punta Cana – just two hours away – makes it even more impressive and unbelievable that this hike is never considered from most of the visitors to the Dominican Republic.

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One of the reasons it is rarely visited – once you go you are most likely the only one for the entire day – is the long hike that is necessary to reach Salto de la Jalda. From the trailhead, it’s at least a 5-mile hike one-way until you reach the waterfall. If you are not coming with an SUV you can even add 1-2 miles as the last part of the road is hardly passable with a sedan car. Summing everything up, the hike to Salto de la Jalda is a 10- to 14-mile hike, which is probably scaring most of the visitors, even the hike is on relatively flat terrain without too many steep climbs.

In case you are tackling this challenge, you get rewarded with an impressive and unspoiled beauty which also allows a refreshing swim in the natural waterfall swimming pool. Make sure to go with a guide and take enough snacks and drinks with you as there is no infrastructure along the way. If you feel that this hike is too long, you can choose one of the other waterfalls in the Punta Cana area – most of them are also rarely visited, even they might not be as impressive as Salto de la Jalda, the highest waterfall in the Dominican Republic.

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