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Norway in a Nutshell: Traveller’s Dream

You’ve probably heard about Norway in a nutshell – tours that showcase the best of this huge and incredible country. We did our own Norway in a nutshell tour in a campervan, spending three months of the summer roaming through the wild and raw landscapes of Norway, hitting all the best spots for hiking, fjord activities and enjoying the great outdoors, Norwegian style!

Norway is one of the harder European countries to visit in a campervan – getting there requires bridges and boats and being there costs more than anywhere else on the continent. In return though, Norway shares spectacular scenery, off the beaten track destinations, amazing roads and those breathtaking fjords, the longest of which, Sognefjord, snakes over 205km into the rocky landscape of Norway.  

To enjoy this fjord at it’s best, visit Fläm. Here you can kayak, paddle board, take fjord boat tours and cycle the Rallar road along steep hairpins, through green meadows and past thundering waterfalls. From Fläm, take the Flämsbana railway over the vertiginous mountains of Western Norway, for one of the most stunning train journeys in the world. 

From Fläm, head north via the Trollstigen road for more hairpins and incredible views, to Geraingerfjord, widely held to be the most picturesque fjord in Norway and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This is a busy place though and one of Norway’s most visited tourist attractions. Head further north still for solitude and open roads, to Nordkapp (or North Cape), high in the Arctic Circle and the most northerly point in Europe that you can drive to. Visit between May and July, the time of the midnight sun, for a true taste of the beauty of Norway.

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