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The Lush Aura of the Golden Horizon

With 2020 being riddled by COVID-19, many of our travel plans have been pushed aside. That being said, we’re all keen to get back out there and explore different experiences. Luckily for Australia, the virus has been contained enough where travel opportunities are beginning to pop up again. For example, the Golden Horizon, which is a replica of the second largest tall ship France II, is coming to Australia in late 2021 to early 2022. It will be circumnavigating Australia for at least around a fortnight to two months each trip, allowing travelers to indulge in a practical manner. For all of those pondering Christmas gifts, this could be a lovely option.

The modern twist in the Golden Horizon is an upscaled version of the older vessel tailored for cruising. The sailing ship can welcome up to 272 travelers, with each of the 140 rooms accommodating an ocean view. It has a snug feel in its fine dining room, three pools, a library, gym, four inside and outside bars, and a marina platform. If you are feeling a little confined, you can explore the ocean with access to a collection of water equipment such as waterskis, kayaks and wakeboards. Like every cruise, the hostess will be holding functions and activities on each night to encourage chatter and the building of relationships with fellow travelers.

Circumnavigation is an incredible all-around experience for anyone. Being able to observe the waters, ports, and overall culture of different locations expands upon your cultural experiences. As Australia is renowned for being diverse, it would be eye-opening for some in seeing the different lives people live around the country. Bettered, doing it on a ship with people seeking the same experience will only improve your enjoyment. For example, one night you could be overseeing the Sydney waters by the bar, and then appreciating the views of Tasmania’s nature by the pool.

As mentioned earlier, the go-around allows explorers to see all of Australia as it visits every state from the sea. This is dependent on which trip the consumer chooses as they can be short voyages of around 14 days and all the way up to a 59-night long cruise. All trips travel around at least two states, this goes up with the duration of stay, so be sure to research the locations of which trip you choose before you book in! Head to Cruise Express’ website to see more information about the ship, pricing and overall experience of the potential trip. 

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